Kakamega town on watch out as insecurity cases and robbery hike


Several cases of robbery and insecurity have been reported in Kakamega county. In Kakamega town, several cases of Masinde Muliro University students being attacked and killed have been reported, not to leave out general residents. The state of insecurity led to a search after citizens gave information to the police.
“We have come to make sure that the area is clean and enough security is implemented. We have arrested many suspects who disturb the peace of residents, some of the m we have taken them to court. Another thing is that don’t fear to report because if you fear, this issue of insecurity we won’t finish here.”

Detectives arrested three suspects in one rental room in Khayega near Mukumu. During the search, a police pistol with 15 bullets was found. The arrested suspects were Joseph Maina (22 years) Dennis Githae (25 years) and Stanley Githae (20 years).

It is believed that the gang has been operating in Kakamega and also Vihiga where insecurities cases have also been reported severally. The affected areas in Vihiga have been Cheptuli,Makuchi, Shavirenga and Kaimosi where students of Kaimosi Teachers College have also been victims.

Securities bosses in Kakamega have been involved to make sure that there is enough security in the affected areas and the culprits are arrested.

“Our governor Fernandes Barasa has called a meeting with the security bosses of this county to discuss the issue of insecurity of Kakamega. The killings and robberies have increased and we want to reach to the solution. The county police commander has arrested several suspects and they will be taken to court. The other suspects who are hiding will also be arrested soon and also taken to court.”

By Calvin Angatia


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