Police to raid insecurity bandits in the country, CS Kindiki affirms


Lands at Ol Moran in Laikipia county and Mwingi in Kitui county, have turned to be hotspot for violence, injuries and even death caused by pastoralists who invade private farms in search of pasture for their livestock.

Four days ago a man at Ol Moran in Laikipia county was seriously injured when he was attacked by herders who invaded his farm for pasture for their livestock. A similar incidence happened in September when two farmers were attacked by herders at Mwingi in Kitui county.

The rise of insecurity in the regions has made the interior CS, Prof. Kithure Kindiki to tour the areas, who has ordered plans to stop of what he term as bandits who have been the cause of suffering to the private land owners.
“We have a problem with herders of camels who bring their animals for pasture in our farms. Cabinet secretary for interior security, to show you how these people act with impunity to the extent that they have disrespected the government. An incident occurred lately whereby there was a gunshot about 3km away,” Kitui senator, Enock Wambua said.

The interior CS has ordered the hiring of 250 police reservists in kitui county, 200 at Igembe north and 360 more police reservists in laikipia county in order to beef up security in the insecure areas. The interior cs has also ordered security officers to use well their firearms to stop the invading pastoralists.

“The situation whereby pastoralists invade other people’s farms for pasture forcefully, it will end whether they like it or not. This is a country of laws, you can’t say your livestock is more important than human life and their property. We are not going to allow that, we aredemanding for all herders to respect people owning their farms and their property,” interior CS Prof. Kithure kindiki said.

The operation to drive out the invading herders has started, with the clash between the pastoralists and private farm owners being experienced of late.

“We cannot allow our country to be a country which is lawless and where people commit crimes then get away with them. Security officers the firearms you have are for two purposes; one is to protect human life and their property. The other one is to protect yourself from your enemy attackers like terrorists and bandits,” the interior CS said.

By James Chacha


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