NTSA marks road traffic crash victims remembrance


Kenya joined the rest of the world to mark the day of remembrance of road traffic crash victims. The national transport and safety authority starting the day at the milimani law courts .  Statistics from Ntsa  showing the raising fatality from 3732 last year  to 4303 this year .

Ntsa said its going to educate the bodaboda riders on road safety,,,as first respondent of accident scenes is one of the major issues the government is concerned of .

Ntsa chair person agnes odhiambo  said the government is reaching various agencies and look for various legal ways to review the issue .

High court judge Richard mwongo represntated the chief justice said the judiciary will rap the cases to ensure victims get justice .

 NTSA statistics also show that 591 passengers have died in road accidents this year as of September 13, compared to four hundred and ninety-eight same time last year.

This represents an 18.7 per cent increase.The number of pedal cyclists’ deaths has reduced by 27.9 per cent.

 Data from the NTSA shows that 44 bike cyclists have died in road accidents this year, compared to 66 same time last year.

By Faith Njerwe


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