Gachagua pleads with Mt. Kenya leaders to unite and support the government


The deputy president was yesterday in his home county Nyeri, where he attended a holy mass at Mary Emmacuate church at Karatina town. His plead was to the political leaders in Mount Kenya region at large to unite to the Kenya Kwanza government by setting aside their political differences.

“On Saturday the president was at the coast region. He welcomed both governors from Kilifi and Mombasa to cooperate with the government in order to deliver development to the people in the counties. The president and I, we are uniting Kenyans, to come together as one for our country to move forward,” the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua said.

The deputy president decided to begin the consolidation at his home county, stating that it’s high time for the region to back up the government for it to deliver its promises to the people.

“Elections are over, here in Mount Kenya region who got 13% of our people who had lost way and were in the opposition. However, they have looked up for me, business partners, professionals and politicians have told me that they were intimidated, their hearts were not at the other side. The president and I. We are welcoming them to come and we get to work together,” Gachagua said.

The move is to bring Mount Kenya region to Kenya Kwanza Government by ensuring that other political leaders from other political parties come to the ruling party. Considering the region voted for Azimio La Umoja coalition party, the deputy president now says the people in the region should be behind the government.

“We are targeting at 31 st December this year, all people who were all in the Azimio la Umoja coalition party to come to the ruling party in the government so that we can all move forward’, the deputy president said on the plan to unite Mount Kenya region people to the government.

Political leaders from the region said they are together with the ruling party, promising to work with the government effectively. The leaders say they are will follow the president and his deputy so that to facilitate easy ruling and support the government in delivering development in the region.

Some stated that claims that they have differences and disunity are false saying they are with the government. The leaders said they won’t abandon the Kenya Kwanza government, that they will support the government fully.

By James Chacha


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