Finally, Wetang’ula give parents hopes concerning CBC


Speaking during a church service in PEFA Church in Soysambu, Tongaren constituency within Bungoma county, the National assembly speaker Moses Wetangula assured parents and stakeholders in the education sector that they should not have fear with the CBC curriculum because the issues that they raised during the public participation forums that has been going on around the country will be dealt with when the report is tabled in the National Assembly this week.

“These Members of Parliament tomorrow I have created a special committee in the National Assembly to come and meet with the CBC committee, concerning the cries of the parents, teachers and also students. So your Member of Parliament tomorrow he is going to take your views.” The speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula said.

He urged parents to take care of their young children to avert early pregnancies in the country warning elder people who prey on young girls that it’s shame and if it is the uniform that make them attracted to this young school going children, they should make same uniform to their wife’s to be attractive to avoid them spoiling these young innocent girls. 

“Our children are going to do their exams sooner, it is of high shame to hear that a grown-up man taking advantage of the school girls and defiling them. If you are a real man and the uniform of the school girls makes you being attracted to them, why don’t you get a uniform for your wife so that you see her as a school girl that you want.” Moses Wetangula said.

The speaker also noted that the country is experiencing drought and hunger and many Kenyans are going without food. He urged the Bungoma residents to utilise the government subsidised fertilizer to plant short season crops so that they have enough for their families and supply the remaining food to the drought affected areas in the country.
“Here in Bungoma we are very lucky because we are blessed with enough rain, we have planted food but the market was not good. The Kenya Kwanza government is looking forward to empower farmers so that us who have adequate rain plant enough food so as to help our Kenyans who are suffering with inadequate rain and food. We have to produce enough food for our families and supply to the others who lack.” Moses Wetangula concluded.

By Calvin Angatia


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