“You are a dictator” Martha Karua repremands H.E William Ruto


NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua has accused president William Ruto of dictatorship following what she terms as unlawful cases including those involving powerful individuals. Ugandan opposition leaders Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine emphasized and urged Kenyans to guard their democracy.

Speaking at the Uganda  human rights accountability conference  at Ufungamano house in Nairobi, the conference that concerned with the commemoration of killing of a hundred young Ugandan protesters, NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua summoned president william ruto of dictatorship following what she terms as unlawful cases.
“We have heard in the recent few months cases  of fraud, rape murder being withdrawn, where the suspects are people in power. We have seen land grabbing cases, the affidavits being sworn saying there was no land grabbing. how come all these cases are about those people in power not the ordinary people? something is cooking in Kenya and this is the making of dictatorship,” said; Martha Karua- NARC party leader.

“To the international community. We use every opportunity to call out the international community and I want to do the same right now. you are the people that are propping up monisters in Africa. Idd Amin was supported by you majorly until you got tired of him, Mugabe was supported by you until you got tired of him, my question is , haven’t you gotten tired of Museveni yet?” Said; Bobi wine Ugandan opposition leader.

Ugandan opposition leaders Kizza Bisije and Bobi Wine in a line with other protestants during the Ugandan human rights accountability conference held  in Nairobi  claimed to be hosting issues concerning Uganda as a Nation. Either they urged Kenyans  to guard their democracy.  

“Brothers and sisters in kenya you started a massive protest which spread to the entire world, that is the reason as to why I’m still alive. This is a Ugandan issue  and we should be hosting this issue in Uganda. It’s very unfortunate that we can not be in Uganda nor mourn our people in Uganda,” Bobi Wine-Ugandan opposition leader.

By Juliet Wekesa


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