“Exploitaton of immigrants in the Gulf should be dealt with as a racism issue”


The CS for Labor and Social Welfare Florence Bore while appearing before the senate committee on labor relations chaired by West Pokot senator Julius Murgor said that more needs to be done in the allocation of funds to the ministry. Section of senators joined to support her saying that indeed there should be enough allocation for the construction of safe houses and even for developing migrant tracking system.

“I have seen that this is not enough even to buy one safe house, we may need close to over 500
million.” One of the senators said.

Florence Bore was also backed by her permanent Secretary suggesting that labor laws and bilateral agreements should be revised. This will guarantee safety of immigrant workers in the Middle East.

Some Senators argue that the laws are enough but they are not implemented appropriately. They say that adding laws and yet the existing laws are not implemented will be a wastage of time.

“Sheria zipo lakini hazifwatwi. Hayo makubaliano yafwatiliwe vile yameandikwa.” Laws are there but they are not adhered to. Those agreements should be followed to the latter.”

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah suggests that exploitation of immigrants in the Gulf should be dealt with as a racism issue.
“The government of Kenya must take up the question of migrant workers also as a question of racism and protection of the black person. Slavery should only be put there if we accept because there is nothing that Saudi Arabia does to Kenyans that can justify the killing of Kenyans.” Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah said.
He also suggests involvement of non-state actors in pursuing perpetrators across border to ease the load on the govt while ensuring that victims of human trafficking and those whose rights are violated are served justice.

The CS has promised to involve ambassadors and leaders in the Middle East to reach a lasting solution.

By Calvin Angatia


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