“Ronaldo,” one amongst Many


One may be thinking Cristiano Ronaldo was sense less when he criticized how Manchester United is run. As a matter of fact, He [RONALDO] is not the only one who has come out to criticize the whole administration and how it handles Manchester United. He has joined a list of other Manchester United players and coaches in condemning acts

Van Gaal: “United is a commercial club”

Di Maria: “They signed me to sell shirts”

Ibrahimovic: “The structure is so old school” i found a small mentality

Mourinho: “You don’t know what happen behind the scene” becoming second with United is my best achievement”

Sanchez “I asked my agent to get me back to Arsenal after the first training”

Bailly ” They should stop playing the English guys and give everyone a chance”

Raf ” United needs to change the whole structure” They need more facilities”

You may hate Ronaldo’s act but you should understand his concerns.

Many times we have seen Manchester United fans roll to the streets wanting to kick the Glazers out. Ronaldo may not be the problem, the problem might be the administration. Ever since the Glazers got control of the territories it has turned out a dark humor of what Manchester Used to be, The fans mostly rely on past glory, something which is not very encouraging.

Cristiano Ronaldo organized for the interview in order to shed light for what might help the team in the near future, He has played as a sacrificial lamb in order to save the rest. Many would say that Ronaldo was in the wrong, but Pure analyzers have said it is for the good of the club

The exclusive interview also saw Ronaldo tear into former teamate and now Coach Wayne Rooney. We think Ronaldo’s words may be taken seriously


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