Over the past month, there has been involvement of criminal activities in Nairobi. The situation has created a lot of tension and panic in the city leaving families losing their loved ones and other getting serious injuries.

Residents in the city have pleaded with the government to end the matter. The incidences have been continuing severally with no solution yet being met with the concerned stakeholders.

“The new inspector general of police, Japeth Koome, who was sworn in a few days ago, I spoke to him when I was in Egypt to plan on our meeting in order to solve this crime experience in this city,” the governor of Nairobi, Johnson Sakaja said.

Speaking at a church service in Dondora, the governor of Nairobi Johnson Sakaja said he will implement plans in order to curb crimes in the city by creating job opportunities and proposed a tree planting project which will enable youths to get income to order cater for their needs.

“Despite the kazi mtaani job, we are soon launching a program of tree planting. Our youths will be engaged in as they will be getting Ksh 2500 per week for a working of four days. They will help in planting trees and maintain them in order for them to have money to sustain them,” he said.

Motorcycle riders have been the main suspects in the involved crimes in Nairobi, Sakaja said his government will plan on registration of motorcycle riders to SACCOS in order to identify them easily.

“We are mapping them out for them to be organised so that once we have registered them, we know from reflectors that you are a bodaboda from Kayole, from Dandora or Westlands. We know this is the route you are operating in, your departures and destinations,” he gave out his plan in order to identify the motorists easily.

The governor has also warned the youths against involving themselves in criminal activities saying if one found guilty will face the law accordingly.

“Our job is to put streetlights; to ensure they light everywhere. We have agreed with the police on how they are going to guard the residents of Nairobi. When you are found, don’t come to cry to us,” he warned any person who will be caught committing crimes in the city.

By James Chacha


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