Manchesteter United boss has distanced himself from Ronaldo’s claims and has refuted him to be thinking he is better than the club or much more bigger, Speaking to the United and Manchester Evening news, this is what Ten Hag had to say about stray Ronaldo

Ten Hag : “I don’t want to talk about what Ronaldo said but I know that a wise man faces his problems Head on. I don’t demand respect from him, everyone but him is okay with me.”

Ten Hag : “We gave him options to leave in the summer but unfortunately we couldn’t get anyone who was willing to take him. We tried with Chelsea but they refused. AC Milan also could not sign him. We also gave Ronaldo an option of looking for a club but he couldn’t find any. So what respect is he talking about?”

Ten Hag: “United has had very good players in the past but they have never been this disappointing. Ronaldo must calm down and understand that even lions get old and it reaches a time when they can’t even feed themselves.”

Ten Hag: “The problems started when he started to think he’s bigger and better than the club. Am sorry as long as am here, Manchester United will always remain bigger than individuals. “

Germany giants Bayern Munich have raised interests of the player and would want to sign him in the summer of January just after the world cup. Meanwhile Cristiano Ronaldo will face a fine of over 1 million Euros for going against the club’s standards


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