Threat to education sector as teachers raise alarm over medical cover and promotions


The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers has tasked the government with allocating twenty-three billion shillings to facilitate teachers’ membership and medical cover by the national hospital insurance. The complaint is that some teachers are unable to pay for health services, following the reduction of medical insurance by the Teachers’ Service Commission.

In demands called for by the Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers KUPPET, it is evident that teachers’ expectations from the government are numerous including access to affordable health care.

“Upon TSC writing to NHIF to cover the teachers they demanded for a fee note of 23.9 billion Kenyan shillings. So now we are operating at 15, so we need a difference of 8.9 billion.” Omboko Milemba, National Chairman KUPPET said.

In addition, some teachers have complained of not being promoted despite having completed the period in acting capacity including 1200 Deputy headteachers and 1800 principals

KUPPET Deputy Secretary General Moses Nthurima has also asked President William Ruto to fulfill his promise to change the policies of delocalization.

“Our expectations as a union is that the TSC will roll out sessions for negotiations because the economy has improved and for that reason the teachers cannot wait anymore.” Moses Nthurima, KUPPET Deputy Secretary General said.

“Any teacher who was delocalized or has been delocalized and wishes to come back home let the name be sent to us and let him do the formalities of doing the online application.” Omboko Milemba, National Chairman KUPPET advised teachers on the issue of delocalization.

The increase in financial allocation is required to also improve the implementation of the CBC.

“We feel that the junior secondary should be domiciled, should be housed in secondary schools and because these children because they are very young, they should not be allowed to go to boarding schools, they should go to the next district school.”

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers (KUPPET) Kiambu chapter chair Rose Kiiru has decried the rates of mental illness amongst high school teachers in the region. Kiiru says that the family unit had been severely affected, contributing to cases of separation. She is now calling for counseling amongst members so as to salvage the family unit and society at large.

By Calvin Angatia


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