Erik Ten Hag always told the media Ronaldo had family problem when he was absent in preseason

◾Erik Ten Hag always told the media that Ronaldo was part of his plan even while his agent was moving around Europe looking for a club for Ronaldo

Erik ten Hag told the media Ronaldo was ill unbeknownst that he has gone to piers Morgan for an interview

◾Erik Ten Hag made him captain against Aston Villa

◾Erik Ten Hag decided not to bring Ronaldo on during the ugly defeat to City,so the media has nothing on Ronaldo

◾Erik Ten Hag benched Ronaldo for some games like every manager will do to get a win, which he got in most matches.

◾Erik Ten Hag disciplined Ronaldo like he’d have done to any other player like the Boss he’s because he left before full time and every other manager would have done the same.

◾Erik Ten Hag played Ronaldo for four straight matches for good 90mins after much complain. You can decide if he performed well or not.

In what way has Erik Ten Hag disrespected Ronaldo?

Erik Ten Hag is not even into one year has Manchester United boss and the media and their agendas are all over him. They’re afraid of the empire you’re building, They’re afraid to see Manchester United rise again. You’ve our backing Boss


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