Sir Alex Fergusson responds to Cristiano claims


Barely a day after one of United’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo expressed himself to one of the english journalists, Sir Alex Fergusson seem to have gotten to the rim of it.

Speaking through his social media handles. The ever present former manchester United coach has expressed his distrust in Cristiano Ronaldo and has criticised him for his remarks against the coach and the club at large.

“The minute a Manchester United player thought that he was bigger than the club or anything that partains to it, He had to leave.”

Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo had expressed himself saying that he felt betrayed by the club and that he was not loved anymore. He also added that he does not respect Erik Ten Hag because Ten Hag does not respect him either.

The speech has left the social media in mixed reaction as others have praised the move claiming it is the best way to express one self and remove grief, while others have gone over to criticize him claiming that he was too deep and that he could have discussed the matter privately with Ten Haag instead of outbursting


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