IVAN TONEY,the killer of big teams


When speaking of the EPL or the English Premier League season 2022/23, one thing always come to everyones minds, the big teams. However no one has ever thought about small or uprising teams and the impact they bring to the table. One would think that big teams have nothing to fear. However big teams have special characters or groups of people whom they fear or would never want to come across. Ivan Toney of Brentford and Miguel Almiron of Newcastle have always been the talk of the town.

Ivan Toney

Coming from small teams did not guarantee them the smallness, they have managed to squible past big teams and be able to earn their teams a point or three. However Ivan Toney looks to have achieved better. With the late night winner against  Manchester City, The brentford player is seen to be making big strides in demolishing big teams. the late night score gave him a higher rating of over 9 points thus making it big.

the forward of brentford has also been featured in matches against manchester united, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool which have always seen him perfom very well and giving his side a point or three.

Miguel Almiron on the other side has been a menace this season, With scoring beautiful goals this has seen him get the goal of the season in the month of october. Insanely he has managed to gobble up over 8 goals in october only. This has made him the most rated Striker or forward of all times


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