Nairobi Governor, H.E Johnson Sakaja has banned all hawking activities and street families from occupying foot bridges across the city. Speaking on Sunday, He said that the said individuals have already been expelled from the footbridges and the city fire department has already pressure-washed the premises for the safety of pedestrians.

one of street families pose for a photo

According to Sakaja this move will restore security within the county further noting that the displaced individuals will be allocated appropriate places to work from.This instruction have risen amid the rising links of insecurity in Nairobi area more so from footbridges which appears to house most of the criminals.

“To make sure that there is security there were street families that were staying there and we have cleared them, we have cleaned the bridge, the fire department has come with its pipes and nobody will be allowed to conduct business to live on our bridges and fly-overs,” he said.

Last Week a video went viral of a man being harrassed and his valuables stolen. It was this move that saw Sakaja raise up the stringent measures in order to fast track the rising cases of insecurity in the city.

The move has brought a debate on the social workspace, with many praising the move while others have gone against the governor arguing what the hawkers will take home arguing with the rising economic levels

This also has sparked uproar from the public who have lay blames to the National Police Service (NPS) for inaction.

President William Ruto has also raised concern over the matter this prompted the Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome to take action and combat the criminal gangs.


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