Many of the teams competing in the english premier league always have a hard time to reach over 35 points after 14 games. Only eight teams have managed an average of over 35 points and most of them ended up winning the premier league cup.

◎ 40 – Man City (17/18)

Manchester City had a very good time in the summer of 2017 and 2018 with only one draw in hand, the team managed to win almost all of their games. Their class continued for the better part of the season. This made them win the Primier league with over 90 points
◎ 40 – Liverpool (19/20)

On a season that saw great rivalry between them and Manchester city, the team which had been rejuvanating over time only saw them get one draw. This was a match which was against Manchester United. Through the help of Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, the team went on through to win the Premier league
◎ 38 – Man City (18/19)

This season was filled with ups and down for the team as it was going through some changes in the squad. This did not deter them from earning what they always yearn for. Their form continued for the better part of the season and this didnt stop them from winning the premier league that season

@ 38 – Man City (11/12)

On the uprise of Manchester city, this was agreat rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City. Both of the teams had great first leg games and City proved to be the all time best. The winner of the cup had to be decided on the final game which City won with only one point

other teams which had a good run are, 37 – Chelsea (05/06) and 37 – Man Utd (93/94)

All these teams with great starts managed to win the premier league trophy. Now have managed to get and average of 37 points out of the possible 42. Will they win the trophy to maintain the record kept?


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