Boost to Kenyans as Health CS offers a glimpse on locally manufactured drugs to reduce costs


It’s just one week since the health CS Susan Wafula assumed office after taking an oath of office. She started her role by paying a visit to Kenya Medical Supplies Agency in Embakasi and promised to achieve operational efficiency.

“My priority in the Ministry, we promised people during the campaigns that we are going to achieve universal health care and that is what I intent to do, there fore one of the things that am doing actually is to achieve operational efficiency and as you know operational efficiency doesn’t cost much…” Health CS Susan Wafula said.

One of the ways to achieve the operational efficiency, the CS now wants the local manufacturers to be given first priority by KEMSA.

“We have dwelled on the need of KEMSA to prioritize and give an advantage to local manufacturers because as a country we are geared towards promoting local manufacturing especially for pharmaceuticals and KEMSA as a strategic partner then we expect that the management moves into that direction in ensuring that they are able to buy locally and by so doing then we hope that then we shall be able to bring down the cost of health care in this country.” Health CS added.

Another way is to computerize or digitalize all operations at KEMSA to allow transparency and promote accountability. This move according to the Health CS will elevate confidence from the public.

She concluded that the Ministry of health has agreed to work with KEMSA to contribute towards achieving Universal Health Care in the country and she has set new targets of field rates to the management of KEMSA within a period of time.

“..Is improvement on the operational efficiency that we are able to increase our order field rate from the current 56% and we have a target to get to at least 80 and we are hoping to achieve that in the next few months.

Na Calvin Angatia


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