“Get to work or be sacked” Kenya Airways management warn pilots on strike


There has been a disagreement between the KQ management and the KALPA management, with the pilots’ demand issues for their employers to look into their matters for them to get back to work.

However, there has been no agreement settled now as the government issued a report to the KQ management to announce vacancies of employment of new crew of pilots since the pilots are not ready to get back to work until their issues are solved.

“We have advertised today for recruitment of pilots, both captains and first officers. We would like to urge Kenyans and other pilots who would like to join us to please apply, you will see it both linked and in other areas,” Alan Kilavuka, CEO Kenya Airways said.

The KQ management said it has done about 90% of the pilots’ demands and they should therefore get back to job. However, the KALPA management said their employers have done less of which it is low of their expectations.

“We have repeatedly, not once or twice, I don’t know even how many times we have them please come back to work so how can it be bad faith while we have told them repeatedly, come back to work so that we can continue operating, so that we can talk about this matter. All we want is that they come back to work, once they are at work we will be able to talk,” Alan Kilavuka insisted.

It is three days now the pilots have not get back to work claiming that their employers made a statement of them to meet inside the union for them to address them on their demands stating they are ready for dialogue.

The KQ employees are saying their employers are being forced to use threats and intimidation for them to get back to work.

“The persistence harassment and intimidation towards pilots, urges for their rights serves more to agonise than inspire confidence that management is concerned of their welfare. This advisory will not achieve our common goal of getting kenya airways back to full operations,” captain Muriithi Nyagah, the general secretary KALPA said.

COTU deputy secretary general, Benson Okwaro is blaming the government for not giving a chance for the KQ management and their employees to have a dialogue in order to come up long term solutions of solving the pilot’s demands for them to get back to work.

“The government of Kenya has failed to make a proper dialogue with both parties. Taking in mind the ministry that is getting involved that not have the much needed understanding of our industrial relations and how industrial disputes are solved. We have seen out there that it is the ministry of transport is being engaged in this dispute as opposed to the tradition where the ministry of labour always gets involved,” Beson Okwaro, COTU deputy secretary general said.

By James Chacha


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