Former Bungoma Governor Wangamati threatens to sue Lusaka’s goverment in court


Former Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati has rejected the audit report on the use of funds issued by a panel created by governor Kenneth Lusaka to assess the performance of the previous government. As our reporter Marion Wafula informs us, he has now threatened to go to court to sue the county government and the panel. The issue he mentions as political defamation.

 Last week governor Kenneth Lusaka made public the report of the panel created to investigate the previous government, the education sector being heavily highlighted.

Among the schools that were mentioned to receive money from the county fund to fund students are Kibabii boys high school, Teremi  high school, Bungoma boys Cardinal Otunga, Moi girls’ school and Kapsokwony boys high school.

The former governor Wycliffe has come forward today to strongly oppose the report.

 Wangamati has described the report as a fake which has no legitimacy and aims to smear politically, according to him his government through the department of education, the branch of Bungoma, followed all the steps and ensured that the students who received the funding received documents to join various high schools from the ministry of education.

In the report issued by the governor of Lusaka, 19.14 million shillings were used to fund 524 students in six secondary schools in Bungoma county, a claim that the former governor Wycliffe Wangamati has strongly opposed

Now Wangamati has said that he will go to court to sue the county government and that panel, asking governor Lusaka to discard the funding if he has failed to continue the funding.

By Marion Wafula


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