Chelsea and Manchester United Stumble

Bukayo Saka and team mates celebrate after scoring against Chelsea

Manchester United were in for a rude shock, this is after they were were beaten 3-1 by home side Aston Villa at the villa pack. Aston Villa opened the scoring panel in the seventh minute of the game, after a mistake from one of Manchester United’s defenders who miss- possessed the ball thus leading to Baily scoring.

In the 12th minute Aston villa further claimed the lead, this is after their middle fielder Lukas Digne scored through a free kick making the match be 2-0, Manchester United reclaimed one back in the late 30’s thus making the first half scores 2-1 in favor of Aston Villa

Aston Villa further sealed the lead in the second half after they netted in a third, which resulted from mistakes made by Diogo Dalot, a Manchester United defender. Manchester united still remain the fifth in the table

Else where, a second half convertion by Bukayo Saka saw Arsenal cruise past Chelsea at Stamford Bridge there by reclaiming their first spot, the Match was fruitless at first half with Chelsea missing Dozens of chances and misspossessing the ball severally Arsenal got one chance and Utilized it effectively. Arsenal regained their first spot while chelsea cruised down to number 7 in the premier league. 

Other results were as follows

  1. Southampton 1-4 Newcastle
  2. West ham 1-2 Crystal Palace


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