CBC taskforce tours Bungoma; parents laments over CBC expenses


The CBC Public participation forums continue to take place across the country, and on Friday 4 th November, the forums were scheduled to take place in Isiolo – Isiolo Girls, Wajir – Wajir High and Laikipia – CDF Hall Nanyuki. On 3 rd November, it was to be held in Mombasa, Makueni, Nyeri, Elgeyo Marakwet, Bungoma, Nyamira, Bungoma, Nyamira and Homabay.

In Bungoma, the members of the taskforce first toured the county assembly of Bungoma where they met the County Assembly education committee and through their chair, they gave their recommendations.

“The curriculum has become expensive, the requirements got the parents off-guard, and also it has been hard for the teachers, other students afford some things but others don’t.” Their chair said.

According to the ward representatives, parents are being over- burdened with the ever demanding practical in the CBC system despite the high cost of living.

“Looking at the state of the country where the cost of living is high, the CBC cannot survive with the many practicals and they require money all the time.” One of them said.

After that, the taskforce conducted the public participation exercise at St. Theresa Sio Secondary school where it was scheduled. Parents, teachers, students and stakeholders gave their views to the taskforce.

“That the government avails sufficient funds directly to the schools so that we reduce the burden that goes to the parent.”

The major challenges were about provision of learning materials, lack of enough infrastructure and teachers, comparing to the number of students. This is according to the civil society. Parents on the other side complain that at some point it is hard to provide for their children what they require in school.

“The learning materials are not there because of the cost. So we have recommended the
government should increase per capita to these schools to be able to acquire the necessary CBC
materials to ensure that delivery of CBC is being done the right way.”

According to the chair of the taskforce in Bungoma county, lack of teachers training,
infrastructure and the cost are the major problems.

By Calvin Angatia


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