“We demand for transparency,” Raila repremands the government for failing to honor promises


Azimio la Umoja‑One Kenya  Party Leader Raila Odinga has come to the vindication of the blockade former DCI,  George Kinoti, entitling the offensive against him  as a witch‑hunt. Odinga blames President William Ruto of conducting vendetta against Kinoti and DCI officers faulting the despose  on function special service unit of the DCI.  

The Azimio la Umoja party leader Raila Odinga has dispersed the ongoing  investigations into the death of two Indian citizens and a Kenyan driver in which the demobilized special service unit officers  have been involved.

Raila says that the investigation has been turned into a political witch and against George Kinoti. He called the government to ensure that all cases are examined.

“We are however opposed to the current trends directed by a vindictive regime that the president seems to be pursuing a personal vendetta against specific current and past officers in the pretax of pursuing extrajudicial executions,” Raila Odinga

Odinga states that the conflict between  Kinoti and President William Ruto began way before the general elections. Therefore the Kenya kwanza Government has offered a perfect platform for the DPP to avenge.

Raila Odinga also called for investigation in the murder cases including thet of Sergent Kipyegon Kenei who served in the office of he deputy president William Ruto during that time as well as that of  lawyer Paul Gicheru.

“We say we demand a transparent professional inclusive interest,” Raila Odinga. He reprimanded the Kenya Kwanza Government for what he terms as reneging on his campaign’s promises on lowering the cost of living.

They have also warned the government on raising taxes so as to achieve what they term as unrealistic promises.

“We wish to remind the UDA regime that we have been here before. When KNAC took over power in 2003, the economy was worse off than what UDA had inherited from Jubilee, but we were able to put the country back into the track including free primary education without raising taxes,” Raila Odinga.

He However has urged the government to improve revenue collection at customs point, airports , registration of persons and also fighting corruption.

By Juliet Wekesa


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