Security threat arise in vihiga as a mid-aged man shot dead


The family of the late 38-year-old Hillary Amalemba are mourning after he was shot dead by robbers who attacked him at his place of work.
“They came to target Lewis to take gold and money and indeed they took the gold and money. So when Hillary came to the rescue of Lewis, is when they targeted him and shot him, the bullet passed through the door and hit him” One of the witness said.

The gang made away with 150,000 shillings and unknown amount of gold. The case is just one in many cases reported around the areas of Kaimosi, Makuchi, Shavirenga, Cheptuli and surrounding areas.

“This incident is not an isolated incident. We have had similar incidents in several areas , Cheptuli we have had it, Kaimosi we have had it (a hotel has been raided using the AK47 gun).

The rise of insecurity is due to the presence of many people doing different activities including gold business and learning institutions like Kaimosi University. They are asking for intervention by the government because of the rising fear.

“The robbers come at night and raid our businesses, even me sometime back they came to my shop and broke into it and stole some of my things. So am asking the government to intervene so as we do our activities safely.” One of the residents said

“What is happening, a common man can’t possess an AK47 gun. We want the security agencies including DCI to investigate about this matter for us to get to know the truth. Even the President should be aware about this.” Another resident said.

The area OCPD Ruth Lagat has said that they have improved the security in the areas prone to the attacks and has assured the residents that they will be safe. She said that the gold and money that was stolen they have retrieved but the robbers got away through the forest. She said that they
are still looking for them.

Na Calvin Angatia


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