Nzoia irrigation development project that was funded by the world bank may soon collapse over the failure to complete the land compensation process by the relevant authorities where the canal will pass through. The project worth 5.3 billion has been running since 2018.

The lower parts of river Nzoia has been prone to perennial floods especially between Rwambwa and lake Victoria and which led to the launching of the project in 2018 that aimed at constructing a canal that transverses some of the constituencies in Siaya county like Alego Usonga and Ugenya constituties and Budalangi subcounty in Busia county.

The 5.3 billion project funded by the world bank is as risk of collapsing as relevant authorities have failed to complete compensetion to the locals where the canal will pass through.

The national irrigation officials have urged the county government of Siaya to help in the completion of the project . The Siaya governor James Orengo has called on those concerned to take an immediate action to complete the compensation process as the county cannot afford to lose the project.

“I ask that this project together with water project that will transverse to Ugunja, Ukwala and Sega and another to Sidindi, Malanga and Bura dam needs to be funded so that water can reach Alego Usonga. The world bank which has funded the project now

Says that if you are unable to use the fund they will transfer it to another place,” said James Orengo. The Siaya governor states that there is need to safeguard the project claiming Siaya

County has no cash crop hence the irrigation canal will help in rice farming. He adds that the project will be owned by Siaya residents as it is a project of Alego Usonga .

This project will not only safeguard residents in Siaya and busia from floods but also it will facilitate local agriculture especially rice farming in areas like Budalangi and other crops.

“I am asking the national government not to leave this place until the completion of this project by the finances from the national government and the world bank,” said James Orengo.

By Emmaculate Wamalwa


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