Meru Governor under Siege as MCAs gang up to impeach her


After the misunderstandings of the Meru governor and members of the county assembly, the governor is in trouble as a petition for her removal from office is already with the clerk of the National Assembly. Salesio Thuranira, a voter in Meru county presented the petition to the clerk demanding impeachment of the governor.

According to Thuranira’s petition, the governor has made outlawed actions which are against the constitution in her performance in office. ‘I petitioned the county assembly of Meru with the petition to incite impeachment of our governor honourable Kawira Mwangaza’, Salesio Thuranira claimed.

The petition accuses the governor for irregular appointments including appointments of Francis Mugai as the general manager, Meru county revenue board, Rufus Miriti as the county secretary and county executive committee members. She is accused of nepotism of her hiring practices in office. The petition further accuses her of abuse of officing gross misconduct, stating that; she declined to work with the MCAs despite being an independent candidate. Delegated duties to her husband,
Murega Baichu and disrespecting an elected MCA alleged evidence that Kawira Mwangaza should be
out of office.

“Favours from other leaders, that is number one of gross misconduct and then the abuse of office.
There is a lot of allegations that are there as the way she has been employing close family relatives
which is against the spirit of our constitution,” Tharanira added.

The petition is gaining more attractions as the clerk of the national assembly is expected to make a
step on it. Meanwhile, independent politicians from the county want the motion in the county
assembly and the senate to be passed.

“Any bill that is passed including that for impeachment, we plead that it is passed without wastage of
time because residents of Meru are suffering while the governor is campaigning for the 2027 general
elections. She has forgot that this the time to work not time for campaigning,” Meru Independent
Caucus leader, Jackson Kirimi said.

This comes as the governor sought an advisory opinion from the controller of budgets over which
she termed as demands from the MCAs forward controlled funds. There has been misunderstandings between the MCAs and the governor, MCAs claiming that the governor is not involving them in matters concerning development in Meru County.

Meru elders, Njuri Ncheke, have called for a peaceful talk between the governor and the county
MCAs. The leaders requested that there should be peaceful negotiations between the members of
the county assembly and the governor in n order to bring understanding and order in Meru county.

“It is not lost; we have said that we have started the journey of uniting all of them. We are
requesting the governor to cool down, all the residents of Meru are hers, those who were competing
with her and those who don’t like her are all hers,” the secretary general of Njuri Ncheke, Josphat
Murangiri said.

By James Chacha


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