Uproar as Kisumu residents who rely on Dunga water plant receive dirty water  


The Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company has moved its treatment plants further into Lake Victoria, to enable pumping of cleaner water for residents who rely on the Dunga water plant. The move comes following an uproar from residents over the supply of discoloured and smelly piped water for close to one week.  

Residents at Nyalenda Estate in Kisumu lining up at this water point that has been dispensing out clean water for the past week.

This being the only refuse they had been left after nearly 7 days of smelly -coloured water dripping out their taps at home.

“Our customers keep on complaining of stomach ache after taking this water. We tried to reach stakeholders of Kisumu water and sewerage company over the same situation but their response was that this situation is alover not just here alone.” Resident of Nyalendo.

According to Kisumu water and sewerage company, the quality of water had depreciated due to the upwelling of phenomenon witnessed in lake victoria where water from the deeper show -line rises to replace the warm water near the surface.

“When it first came it had some colours that really required us to enhance our treatment dosages to cater for the colour change. also we realized that it had so many micro-organisms due to the decomposing matter in the lake. we have tried as much as we can to ensure whatever that comes out is clean water.” Member ; Kisumu waters and sewerage company.

This has caused odor smell from the lake as the bridge that had settled at the bottom of the lake rose to the surface.

However, the company have now started  to bear the extra cost cost in the treatment of water before distribution. The upwelling had among others caused the sudden death of fish in lake victoria with the kenyan marine and fisheries institute warning resident against consuming the dead fish.

By Juliet Wekesa


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