Moi University partners with EACC to curb corruption loop holes


Moi University has partnered with the ethics and anti-corruption commission in the fight against corruption that has been a threat to most learning institutions with an intent of sealing loopholes the commission is entitled with a task of investigating and recommending appropriate actions for corruption cases and unethical conduct and therefore preventing corruption by educating the public on fighting corruption and recovering properties that were acquired illegally.

The commission will scrutinize the institutions policies, operational procedures and financial management systems to seal loop holes. The program will review system in all departments to curb frauds and ensure institutions of higher learning operate smoothly.

“The team that we are going to leave here is going to look into systems ,policies, procedures and practices of this institution with a view of identifying any possible weaknesses ,loopholes or opportunities that can be used by anyone to perpetrate corruption” said Neema Mkorori.

According to the head of EACC north rift regional office Japheth Baithalu, the strategies will empower the institution to deal with corruption at a higher level. Moi university vice chancellor Prof Isaac Kosgey has expressed the institutions willingness to partner with more agencies to enhance services.

“The EACC in this particular exercise is free because this is the only way we can assure the public ,the tax payers ,students and staffs of the efficiency over service delivery in this university” said prof Isaac Kosgey Humphrey Njuguna the university council chairman says they are concerned with claims that universities are producing fake papers

“One way we can bring down the economy is when we compromise in the educational systems and there is a talk that institutions are producing fake papers and we are concerned as once you compromise merits you then you compromise the entire economic and governance system,” said Humphrey Njuguna.

By Emmaculate Wamalwa


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