Kenyans can send their views via email, CBC taskforce announces


Recently, the CBC taskforce that was formed to review the curriculum announced that Kenyans can send their views either via email or physically in Absa Towers, Loita Street 10 th floor. Some complained about this as the people from ‘mashinani’ was not considered. This was because the issue of the email you find that many people in the rural areas cannot access email or even some of them do not even have the email.

The other complain was the issue of the physical taking of the views in Nairobi whereby it only favors those in Nairobi or those who can access the capital city. This was not effective because many views will be left out.

“They need to decentralize this whole process and go to the mashinani. There are some parents who just want to speak about the CBC issue in their mother tongue because that is the language they understand most.” This is according to Dr. Purity Ngina, who is the evidence manager Zizi Afrique.

The curriculum has been raising concerns, ranging from materials needed, the schools capacity to teach and about the transition from grade 6 to junior secondary schools which still is a question of how it will happen effectively. The challenge arising now is how the children will select the best junior secondary schools that will nature their skills appropriately.

It is said that in CBC, knowledge excellence is not as important as skills that a child has. This means that it doesn’t matter how many marks a child scores or attains, so long as he/she has some skills, then he/she is good to go. This is according to KNUT Secretary General Collins Henry Ayuu.

“We have pathways in CBC, it is not a must that you excel so well in terms of knowledge. We must look at the skills that you are out to display.” According to KNUT Sec General Collins Henry Ayuu.

Even as views are being collected, Ayuu made some recommendations. “For CBC to succeed, I think teacher, staffing in those schools is paramount. For teachers to handle CBC as required, infrastructure is one other factor that must be considered well.” Ayuu said.

He also mentioned about parental involvement and encouraged parents to assist the children with whatever they need, even as parents complains about challenges they’ve encountered with their children. Parents have been complaining about the things that their children are asking from them which is a challenge as some parents don’t afford other things. The expenses of the curriculum have also been an issue.

Finally, the union has also requested politicians to stay away from education matters unless if it is to the benefits of Kenyans. Some politicians involve themselves in some of the education matters just for personal gains which is unacceptable.

By Calvin Angatia


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