Husband arrested for killing his wife


The body of the 21-year-old woman, Getrude Nyaboke was found buried in a shallow grave near her
husband’s residence in Ensakia village, Borabu, Nyamira county on Monday. The incident happened
after the last week’s where it was suspicious reported that she had been killed and buried near her

This is after the family received a court order to retrieve the body from the suspected grave yard.
Earlier on, the court had denied authorization of giving a court order to the family for them to
retrieve the body for more conduction of investigations.

“Her husband had dug the grave underneath he put some timbers where he laid her, then he added
other timbers on top of her body. On the head he had put a sack on it,” her sister Everline
Nyanchama explained how the body was retrieved in the suspected graveyard.

Getrude who was a teacher on practice at Nderemo school was reported missing last week and later
the villagers suspected that her body had been buried near her home. The suspicion from the family
and the villagers had come when Getrude was reported missing.

“When I reached there I found that my sister’s body was lying there. I was surprised as I cried
because I have suffered hustling here and there for my sister to learn in order for her to help us in
future. We thought she would help us but she has been killed brutally,” Rose Nyabonyi, sister to the
deceased explained bitterly.

Autopsy reports revealed that her body which was put in a sack had injury marks on her hands, her
head was hit by a blunt object at the back before being strangled to death. This is after he body was
retrieved by police officers, then the body was taken to hospital for examination.

“Before she died, she was strangled. From this conclusion resulting to the marks on her body we
allege the particular suspect person did not want her to make noise,” OCPD, Borabu sub-county,
Josephat Chacha said. With the body retrieved and the alleged murderer held in custody ,
investigations are going to be conducted to know the truth of the matter.

According to the sub-county commander in Borabu, Getrude was killed by more persons of whom
the main suspect is Brian Rioba who is her husband. Brian is in police custody with further
investigations ongoing to know the more suspended murderers.

“I may not say whom we may go for but i believe there are more persons who were together with
this particular accused person. There is no stone that we will leave unturned. This was a very serious
issue,” Josephat Chacha, the sub-county commander at Borabu, Nyamira county said.

The family of Getrude demand investigations to be hurried up to know the truth of the death of the
Getrude and the guilty ones be held accountable by the law. Getrude’s body is being laid at Gucha
sub-county hospital mortuary.

By James Chacha


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