NEPOTISM:Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza in trouble over her appointments


After going a hostile situation with the members of the county assembly, Meru governor, Kawira Mwangaza is yet to face the EACC accusations on her appointments in her office. The EACC sent a warning to the governor, accusing her for violating chapter 6 of the constitution and various other laws in the running of affairs in her county.

EACC, Twalib Mbarak letter’s accusations to the governor, cites for nepotism where she appointed her husband as the county youth patron and hustlers’ ambassador, and also a fact that he was attending county functions, issuing directives to the county employees despite not being a public officer.

The governor was also accused of appointing 2 of her sisters, one as a personal assistant and another as her security personnel. The EACC said its not good for a leader in the public service to start considering family members in appointments in public offices in her response to the commission, the governor stated that her husband was working for free of which EACC said it is inconsistency with the constitution provision as to who is a state or public officer between the two. The governor also face accusations, of directing county employees to further interest on the owned television by her husband and also demanded the public county officers to promote her administration political activities, failure to which they would be sacked.

She is also accused of other issues, among them being failure to protect public resources, after it was reported that she directed Meru teaching and referral hospital to spend all income at source. Gladys Wanga, the county governor of Homabay also face alleged accusations on appointments in her office. EACC reported that she irregularly appointed 11 advisors, of which 10 were employed to her office and 1 to the deputy governor’s office.

It is further stated that she irregularly created 6 positions of liason officers and 4 positions in the governor’s delivery unit. Aletter addressed to the governor by EACC states only the county public service board is mandated in establishing or abolishing public officers in a county.

In her response , the governor said that the structure of her government and officers’ positions was duly presented to and approved by the Homabay county public board as required by the law, proof of which it is contained in minutes of their meetings regarding the subject matter.

Twalib Mbarak CEO EACC, demand a prompt response from the two governors stating that governors must follow the laid down rules and they will be held accountable for their actions and decisions.

By James Chacha


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