Do you think polio vaccine has side effects?


 200,000 kenyan children and above are in danger of diminishing avertible diseases. This is allocated as a result of the immunization shortfalls which are necessary in the enhancement of the children’s immunity. Health experts however, said that these diseases can be eradicated and that they are going to improve immunization.

Brenda Betty, a polio patient  discloses how the people in her home town term disabilities as a result of outcast or punishment from gods. This comes after she was immunized against polio at the age of two. 

“They say disability is as a result of witchcraft, curses or even punishment from gods after offending them.“ 

Brenda Betty – Polio  patient. 

After immunization, her family felt dishonour and took haer to a special school at her early age. they believed she would be taken good care of. 

“They took me to a special primary school for the physically handcapped at a very tender age. at the age of 3 – 4 years i was already living alone.“ 

Brenda Betty- Polio Patient. 

despite the provocations faced. disability has  never been an inability for Brenda. She continued with her studies and graduated with a bachelors and masters degree and thereafter secured a job. 

However Betty said that people with disabilities are treated differently especially during job seeking. She said a disabled person is rejected at job interviews. 

Nicodemus Odongo also suffers from a paralysis caused by polio since childhood. Odongo, unlike Betty, never attended a special school. He also faced challenges as well, especially in the university. 

“The university is now a very big institution. lecture theaters are held on the upper floor, there are no lifts and you have to climb those stairs every day and no body borders because it is not a special school. “ 

Nicodemus Odongo- Polio Patient. 

Health statistics indicate that only 85% of children are getting immunized. This is caused by a feel of the immunizations’ side effects to children. However, the Health experts said that the risk of missing immunization will call for a re- emergency of eradicated vaccine preventable disease in the near future. 

“We are focusing on improving our coverage in terms of immunization to 95%, We do surveillance where we pick samples from children. so far as a country we are doing well we’ve not been able to isolate any from all our children.“  Hillary Limo- Division of Disease Surveillance – Health. 

Statistics further  indicate that  out of the 85%  of children who get immunized, no symptoms have proven the dangers of immunization. and therefore there is no high risk of polio in the country. 

Dr. Mbuthia also pointed out the symptoms of polio-caused paralysis which includes a child having weakness in the limp a leg or an arm should immediately be tested for polio.

By Juliet Wekesa


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