Severe drought instigates religious leaders to intervene


As more than 20 counties are still starring at the ravaging drought, more than 5000 households in 4 different wards of Garissa county have received relief food that was flagged of by Garissa deputy governor Abdi Dagane, however in the same county Muslims leaders held a meeting at Garissa primary grounds to pray for rain in the county,

More than 5000 households in 4 different wards of Garissa county have received food relief from the county government flagging off the four trucks, the Garissa county deputy governor Abdi Dagane said no life will be lost due to the ongoing drought.

The deputy governor was accompanied by deputy county commissioner, he said that the consignment is the first bunch which the county will purchase and distribute to 14 wards in total which are the most affected by droughts.

The assorted food stuff comprising of milk, maize meal, wheat flour, rice, beans, sugar and cooking oil would be distributed to the four wards of Baraki, Malmin, Sankuri and Fafi.

However, in the same county Muslims were led by Garissa county governor Nadhif.j. Adam congregated at Garissa primary grounds to hold special prayers for rain in the counties affected by drought.

The prayers (Salat al-‘Istiqa) were held at Garissa primary school playgrounds on Sunday led by sheikh Hussein Abdullahi.

The ravaging drought has taken a heavy toll on the counties due to depressed rains or lack of rainfall in the past four consecutive rainy seasons.

The ceremony brought together political leaders, Muslims from different parts of the county including sheikhs, elders, women and the youth.

“This is beyond us, the situation continues to worsen. Human lives and livestock are now in real danger. All we can do is pray Allah showers us with his blessings as he had done before,” Abdullahi said.

Garissa governor Nathif Jama said that the dire situation calls for more prayers saying they were optimistic that god will answer their prayers and that the region will receive the much-needed rain.

“We have converged here for special prayer as we seek god’s favor to open the clouds. May Allah accept our Duas and extend his mercy upon us to relieve the pain caused by long standing drought,” he said.

 Muslims of different parts of the country who included sheikhs’ elders women and the youths.

By Marion Wafula


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