Number from NCI in Kenya show that over 40,000 women get breast cancer a year.


Cancer is one of the most dangerous and complex diseases, not only in Kenya but also
worldwide. It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It can be breast cancer, cervical
cancer, prostate cancer among others.
“Number from National Cancer Institute in Kenya show that over 40,000 women get breast
cancer a year. That is 1 out of every 11 and without any therapy, they will all die.” Dr. Scott
Bens from US base operations, Medical global healthcare
The new statistics from WHO shows that nearly 10 million people die of cancer yearly even
though the government is trying its best to curb it. Victoria Mueni has been a cancer patient
since 2019. After diagnosis, her life changed.

She says she just felt some pain in her breast and assumed it was just a normal pain, not
knowing that it was cancer. She visited Matuu level 4 hospital for examination and she was
diagnosed with cancer and so her breast was to be removed. With advices of doctors, Victoria
would later visit Machakos Level V Hospital, 75km from Matuu.
Victoria embarked on some medical procedures including Chemotherapy which was very
expensive. Luckily, she had enrolled with the NHIF scheme which could cater for the expenses.
She was visiting the Cancer Centre in Machakos every 21 days. At first, she could pay 8000
and after the start of the treatment procedure, she had to cough another 8000 Shillings for every
visit at the facility.
Machakos Level V hospital has recorded 65 cases of breast cancer this year alone with 22 visits
recorded monthly for screening, a number that Dr. Henry Kilemi says is big.
“Most of our women in our setup are aged 40 and above but of late we are getting the youngest
in our setup as 17 years old who have been diagnosed with breast cancer this month. We have
also some in 26 and 25, some are students because of the lifestyle and the environmental
exposures.” Dr. Henry Kilemi, an archeologist at the Machakos Level V hospital said.
Experts are recommending hormonal pills instead of Chemotherapy.
“Look at the big medical studies, you will find that the best results, the longest results are found
with the hormonal pills and not the Chemotherapy. The Chemotherapy comes in a small group
of women who won’t respond to anything else.” Dr. Scott Bens.

Kenyans are advised to go for checkups and not to wait for the cancer to worsen. It is healthy to
go for screening at intervals so that one is sure about his/her condition. The breast cancer in
general can affect anybody including men and so men also should go for the screening.

Na Calvin Angatia


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