The reason why opposition is not involved in vetting cabinet nominees


Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi said that the opposition would not take part in the vetting of Mudavadi as the position is not provided for in law and faulted the president for creating unlawful positions.

The Constitution only acknowledges the president and his deputy.

“The issue is that the position is unconstitutional and my concern is how does an institution vet a person to hold an unconstitutional position?” He posed.

But Mudavadi’s spokesperson Kibisu Kabetesi said the appointment is above board and in line with the law.

“The issue of unconstitutionality does not arise because the president issued an Executive Order Number 1 which provides the structure of government and therefore you cannot contest any appointment within the Executive Order without nullifying the order in its entirety,” he said.

The president said Mudavadi will oversee the government projects and among others coordinate the national legislative agenda.

Political analysts opine that if approved, the ANC leader is suitable for the office since he will be the linkage between the Executive and the Legislature in ensuring that the policies of the Kenya Kwanza Government are fully actualised through legislation.

Former National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi will come in next to be vetted for the Attorney General position. Should he get the approval of Parliament, Muturi is expected to take over from Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki who was sworn in in 2018. 

At 11.30am, Garissa township MP Aden Duale who is the defence cs nominee l take the stand. Duale who will take over from CS Eugene Wamalwa and will oversee the ministry and chair the defense council.

Former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua who is Foreign Affairs and Diaspora CS nominee will appear before the committee at 2.30pm.

Dr Mutua who ditched Azimio for Kenya Kwanza during the campaign period, will be grilled on how well he will represent the country in the international community as he will play a key role in determining the country’s foreign policy.

He will be taking over from Rachelle Omamo.

By Faith Njerwe


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