During the safaricom report, they revealed that they have contributed to 393 billion into the countries economy in the last financial year through the mpesa transactions which hit an all time 29.55 trillion shillings  which he number of m pesa customers meetin 13 million mark.

However, during the same period safaricom 24 of his staff members due to fraud cases out of 27 cases reported and a majority to sim swap which recorded a total of 10.8 cases on breach of policy,7 on asset misappropriation whereas negligence of duty and data privacy were recorded each .

On divacity the telco says more than 50 percent of its work force comprises women,with women making up 30 percent of senior management.the telco also says that 2.29 percent of all its procurement is from women based businesses. The company is also targeting to grow in the year 2050.

“We continued to conduct training for staff in fraud awareness sessions, together with fraud training for our M-Pesa agents, dealers and suppliers. We also continued to help customers safeguard themselves from fraud by educating them on how to protect themselves on the network by safeguarding and protecting their data and sensitive information,” said Safaricom CEO.

Sim-swap, a modern form of fraud, has resulted in several Kenyans losing money running into hundreds of thousands of shillings per victim.Sim-swap fraud is not only a concern to Kenya but other countries across the continent and the globe.

In SIM card swap fraud, a fraudster usually makes a call pretending to be an employee of a mobile network operator,asking you personal questions such as the identification card .

“In addition, we provided tips on common fraud schemes. We communicated through media campaigns on radio, TV and digital channels; as well as SMS broadcasts, fraud tips on USSD menus and the addition of a fraud awareness page to the corporate website,” said Safaricom CEO.

Safaricom, which is Kenya’s biggest telco and most profitable, has beefed up its fraud management squads specialising in analytics, customer awareness and educating and process reviews to drive safety for clients.

Safaricom has disbursed Ksh 502 billion shillings through its overdraft facility Fuliza over the last one year. This was revealed during the launch of the Telcos sustainability report where it also emerged that close to Ksh 30 trillion shillings was transacted via M-pesa over the period, almost 10 times the country’s national budget.

By Faith Njerwe


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