Nakuru county on the run to boost crop production amid drought crisis.


As drought continues to ravage different parts of the country, farmers semi-arid and urban areas of Nakuru county are trying their best to maximize crop production to boost food production. Mostly those with small pieces of land are setting up the multi-story gardens that are said to last for even 10 years.

“This one here is a conical garden, it saves on space because it is able to accommodate 100
plants…” Samuel Kamau.

Samuel Kamau, who is the Director of Kitchen Garden Masters Kenya says that the style enables high population plants per unit land of space and enables crop diversification where symbiotic relationships are enhanced.
“In a normal circumstance, on a leveled ground, you can only manage to plant 16 plants, so this one multiplies the space 10 times.” Kamau.

Kamau has worked with over 1000 farmers by helping them set up these gardens which are very much advantageous. Kamau said they are preparing land with new farming technology to help farmers all over the country to produce household foods. The climate smart program is suitable for self-consumption agriculture.

“It is able to comfortably feed a family of five all year round with plenty of vegetables and also diverse vegetables. that’s a healthy family and also to some extent it can be commercialized and become a good source of income.”

The multi-story garden gets its name from its shape. It has rings of soil compacted together and held in place by a strong plastic sheet. The ring below is bigger and gets smaller as it rises up. The garden looks like a steep hill with circular terraces.

One can choose to plant different species in different rings. The rings can be supplied with water using different types of irrigation that can fit. The soil preferred is loam soil that can be mixed with manure to boost the quality of the soil.

The garden targets to increase food production since it is suitable mostly for food crops. It will also help beat malnutrition in Kenya. Farmers are advised to try setting up the garden and see its advantages.

“I would advise all farmers to take up this technology because you find many farmers have large track of lands but during the dry seasons, they cannot be able to have vegetables in their diet. So, it is not only for the urban areas but it is for everyone.

By Calvin Angatia


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