BOMA YANGU initiative in Kajiado, at least 200,000 houses to be constructed yearly


Low income earners in Kajiado county  will now be able to access affordable houses  after president William Ruto promised to build more than 200,000 houses for low income earners at least every year.he said his project will create jobs  and help solve the unemployment crisis  facing many youths. 

President William Ruto has examined the affordable housing project that is ongoing in ongata rongai .  The project includes two bedroom apartments. 

He dispatched the ongoing projects around the country saying  it is part of the BOMA YANGU initiatives whose aim is to provide affordable housing to kenyans. 

Early this month Ruto said the government will modernise the affordable housing program to make home ownership a reality for low income earners.  

“Housing issues are very important due to the following reasons;  it gives Kenyans asan environment  to stay in, calls for employment opportunities, helps solve challenges facing agricultural produce and that all Kenyans will be able to buy affordable houses.“   William Ruto, president. 

The housing beneficiaries dispatched the government’s effort for ensuring low earning Kenyans own their homes. 

“I took out a loan and I was able to buy a house around here. I want to encourage all Kenyans with the aspiration of owning homes that it is possible through the project of affordable housing. my dream of owning a home in nairobi  has come through.“ Housing beneficiary kajiado county Emily 

The outgoing cabinet secretary for housing James Macharia channeled the government for the revival of the big four agenda with kajiado governor joseph olelenku saing.  he will collaborate with the government in fulfilment of the affordable housing project in kajiado county.   

“We have a country where nobody is left behind. We are developing together as a nation and carrying everybody along. and I commit that my government will cooperate. “
Joseph ole Lenku, governor of Kajiado county. 

“We indeed honour that now we have a president whose agenda number one is housing. your excellence we talked about the big four and still we have the big four. but i think housing from what i’m seeing is the agenda number one,” former CS for housing James Macharia. 

The president said Kenyans should embrace the saving culture. saying it will help them with houses and other activities. 

Na Juliet Wekesa


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