Over 40million subscribers registered their sim cards before the deadline.


Over 40 million mobile phone subscribers have complied with the move by communications authority of Kenya (CAK)to register their sim cards countrywide, however thousands of Kenyans were lock out after their sim cards were blocked amid the registration deadline elapsed on the 15th of October 2022.

According to the Communication Authority of Kenya CAK more than 40 million Kenyans complied to register their sim cards. However, a section of Kenyans expressed their sentiments on the sim card registration issue.

According to some Kenyans the move by the CAK to block sim cards is unfair a resident in Kawangware in Nairobi said that he has lost money since the sim card was blocked

His complains were echoed by another Kenyan who insisted that since the mobile service have each and every ones details they should at least update on a monthly basis or a yearly basis so as to avoid of such incidences of sim cards being blocked.

The communications authority has released data on mobile operators that have complied with the registration guidelines with Safaricom leading with 93% compliances followed by Airtel Kenya at 81.2%, however Telkom Kenya which is now fully owned by the government is yet to share its data with the authority.

The CEO of communication authority Ezra Chiloba also noted that the process of analyzing the number of those deregistered has kicked off with the results expected in two weeks

In a press release dated Monday, October 17, the dg noted gave the telecommunications companies a 60-day window to ensure that all their customers comply to the new directive.

He explained that the 60-day window was for the companies to take action on those yet to comply by withdrawing specific services such as voice or data.

“All the mobile operators were by the midnight of 15th October 2022 expected to ensure that all subscribers had updated their sim card registration details in line with the law. Taking into account the improved level of performance so far, operators are directed to take additional steps to ensure 100 percent compliance in the next 60 days.

According to the authority, the two telecommunications giants had hit over 80 per cent compliance rate. The exercise is expected to protect consumers of telecommunication services and enhance confidence in the use of ICTs. 

By Marion Wafula


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