Kiambu politician arrested, suspected of killing her husband


Kiambu politician Gladys Chania is under arrest on suspicion of killing her husband George Mwangi, a businessman. Police say Chania is the prime suspect in the murder of Mwangi whose body was found dumped in Kieni forest, Gatundu north on Wednesday just hours before he was to fly back to Kigali, Rwanda.

 It is in Kimunyu area Gatundu south where the deceased mother Pricilla Wanjiru of the business man George Mwangi.the mother is still in shock after the murder of his son on Tuesday last week just a few days after meeting for a family function.

The family later received a call from the wife Gladys Mwangi informing them that he was missing from their home .

A few hours later the wife called back and told her that Mwangi had been found dead and his body found in the forest and that the detectives had asked her to go and confirm if that was his husband, the family members are still in shock and out of words as the wife has been arrested as the prime suspect.

The family wants the detectives to act with speed and arrest all the perpetrators in the involve of the murder and brought to book. Police continue to guard the late home in Mang’u area where the murder  weapons blood cloth and bed sheets were recovered .

Four suspects have been taken to Gatundu north police station, the main suspect being the wife who is a politician and was in the august polls as the woman rep of Kiambu ,, another suspect is a farm hand who was still missing .the postmoturm is to be conducted this week.

The body George Mwangi, 58, was found dumped in Kieni forest, Kiambu county on Wednesday, hours prior to his flight to Rwanda where he is based.

Mwangi was the husband to Gladys Chania, a local politician in kiambu.She filed a missing person report on Tuesday night at Mwea police post in Gatundu north. The directorate of criminal investigations on Friday said Mwangi’s body was discovered by Kamunyaka tea plantation workers wrapped in a polythene bag and covered under a heap of cartons.

“The father of three who had returned home on September 13, was killed in cold blood hours before his return flight and his body dumped in Kieni forest, Kiambu county.”

Detectives have since established that Mwangi was killed following a love affair with a local school secretary.

They have named his wife as the primary suspect. The detectives also found out that the master bedroom was the primary scene of murder where they recovered the suspected murder weapon. They also recovered blood soaked bed sheets, curtains and clothes hidden in a locked room adjacent to the master bedroom.

“Forensic experts based at the crime scene investigations unit have also detected blood splatter patterns on the bedroom walls, wardrobe and along the stairway indicating that the father of three was killed in the house before his body was dumped kilometres away,” DCI said.

Na Faith Njerwe


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