“Kenyans are suffering, they are not rejoicing,” Raila slams the government for failing to fulfill it’s promises.


The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga perpetuates that the country has not progressed since the august elections that he protested were inaccurate. He said Kenyans were despondent with what he termed as creed of the election results and added that time is coming when citizens will rise and stop  the uninterrupted interpose of the electoral process. 

Azimio la Umoja leaders have again declined on the ruling of Kenya Kwanza government. Leaders led by Raila Odinga sustains that  the country has not moved  on since the august 9 elections.  

 “All Kenyans are suffering now because elections are over and they are not even rejoicing. They are in sad mood because  its said that after trouble is comfort but Kenyans are lacking that comfort,“ Raila Odinga says.

They said Kenyans were not satisfied with the election results and that a time is coming for Kenyans to stand firm and stop the unending  interpose of the electoral process.

 Speaking at the burial in Bondo, Azimio leaders said  that they were unhappy with the results because their decisions were ignored by the  independent  electoral  and boundaries commission IEBC Wafula Chebukati.  

They have rebuked the director of prosecution Noordin Haji for  imprisoning  Sirisha MP John Waluke and dropping  graft charges against other leaders from Kenya Kwanza move.  

Siaya senator Oburu Odinga has castigated the DPP Noordin Haji for ruling  under pressure from the government to dropping charges against corrupt leaders.  

   “Noordin haji, why do you succumb to pressure from Ruto to free people who are known criminals in Kenya? People who stole money in Kenya power and in all parastatals are being released from prison under the government of Ruto, and Ruto said he was going to fight corruption, is that the way to fight corruption?“  Oburu Odinga Siaya senator 

They however, said that Kenya kwanza should not point fingers to the former president  Uhuru Kenyatta’s government but instead use the opportunity to tell Kenyans what they are doing or planning to do in order to better the lives of Kenyans.   

Azimio leaders have assured Kenyans for their preparedness of the unending fight for justice under their leader Raila Odinga. 

They have accused Kenya kwanza government and the director of public prosecution Noordhin haji of their failure to hold the known criminal in jail  by setting them free.

By Juliet Wekesa


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