Vision 2030 back in style! Should we expect more?


The vision 2030 body in Kenya through its new chairperson Carole Kariuki is seeking to bring on board more private partnerships and corporate development partners to accelerate the countries development blueprints.

Kenya vision 2030 (Ruwaza ya Kenya) was launched by the late president Mwai Kibaki on 10 June 2008 and was developed through an inclusive and participatory stakeholder consultative manner that involved all Kenyans from various parts of the country.

The main objective of its launch was to provide a vehicle for transforming Kenya into in industrialized, middle income country providing hogh quality of life to all its citizens

In a safe and clean environment the vision 2030 seeks to focus on private sectors to achieve the countries development blueprints. According to Carole Kariuki the chairperson, the move intends to bring on board more private and incorporate development partners to attain the countries strategic plan.

“The aim is to bring block chain to full government as those are the capacity private sectors have .apart from looking around infrastructure there is also ict side that we will be bringing in” said Carole Kariuki.

With the Kenya Kwanza government promise to uplift lives of hustlers who are the majority in the country the delivery body is also planning to include its manifestos projects before the completion of delivery timeline.

As the east African market is expanded and many more technologies, the body is also looking forward to integrate itself with the technology to facilitate vision 2030 economic pillar.

“The ministry has come up will anew ministry of co-operative and we want small businesses to grow and contribute to our revenue in terms of taxes so the government is going to engage a lot with the private sector and small business so as to address their concerns “said Saitoti Torome.

The body also looks forward at tabling out afican vision 2063 and the incoming chair is faced with undertaking a task of leading its team to understand matters concerning private sectors the vision 2030 is guided various principles that includes transparency and accountability by the stakeholders ,promoting social cohesion and enhancing social, economic and environmental environment.

By Emmaculate Wamalwa


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