Several challenges raised by governors during the ongoing induction in Naivasha.


During the Governors induction that is currently ongoing in Naivasha, a number of
challenges facing counties have been addressed. The big issue was about pending bills
which was raised by various governors.

Simba Arati, who is the Kisii Governor confirmed that a taskforce has been formed to
look into the matters concerning suspicious pending bills.
“Like in my place I’ve called government institutions to investigate into and give me a
clear road map on how to handle the wage bill, even pending bills. Some counties here
have pending bills close to 5-6 billion, and the requirements from the treasury is that
you should pay pending bills first which cannot be attainable.” Simba Arati

The issue of ghost workers in various counties was also raised and it was said that it has
contributed to the rising wage bill. The ghost workers were there in the previous
governments and so the new governments find it hand to settle the risimg wage bill. this
moreso affected the new governors than the retaining ones.
“PSC brought up the, actually flagged out the issue of ghost workers who are in the
system and some governors what they did, those who are going, they decided to clog
the system and it’s a big problem.” Simba Arati.

Kericho Governor Dr. Erick Mutai also said that the counties are unable to clear the
pending bills as a result of the delay of the disbursement of funds to the counties. The
delay also has been attributed to the poor delivery of services.
“Moving forward the National Government and treasury will be able to really send
money on time to the counties. we have also questioned on the need of automating
how money comes to the county governments. As it is now, the treasury from the
county, that is the CEC for finance and his team are the ones to travel all the way to
Nairobi from different counties to take some funny letters to the controller of budget
for the money to be released and that is not happening to the National government,
why should it be happening to the county governments.”

The council want their concerns to be addressed by the National Government. They say
that the pending bills will make it had for streamlining services of the counties.

“We know that the new government is good and we can negotiate easily with them to
look into our matters. The National government uniting with the county governments
will be so helpful.” Anne Waiguru, Chair Council of governors.

Another issue to be discussed thoroughly is the availability of ghost workers in the
counties. The new governors are urged to eradicate the ghost workers and make sure
that the wage bills go to the right people who work for the county governments.

By Calvin Angatia


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