Raila leads a group of young MPs at Bunge la Mwananchi at Jeevanjee Gardens.


Azimio One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga has accused president William Ruto’s administration of turning a blind eye to the high cost of living.

Odinga who led a group of young MPs to the bunge la mwananchi at Nairobi’s Jevanjee Gardens in the central business district, said the Ruto administration is not keen on lowering the cost of living and called on Kenyans to rise up and put the government to task.

As president William Ruto’s government begin to take shape, Azimio leader Raila Odinga is taking stock of Kenya Kwanza administration’s list of accomplishments this far.

Odinga led a group of youthful mps for a walk in the streets of Nairobi CBD and after that he attended bunge la mwanachi session in the historic Jevanjee gardens.

Raila was accompanied by his blue-eyed boys Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Lang’ata’s Jalang’o he attended the meeting to listen to the please of the common Kenyan on a number of issues pertaining to elections and the new government

Top on Raila Odinga’s list was the cost of living i feel the same way Kenyans feel.”The cost of living has gone up, the price of unga, fuel, fare have all gone up but incomes have remained the same. It’s very painful,” he added, the Azimio principal warns that the tough times awaits Kenyans under Ruto’s regime

Raila blamed Ruto for failing to live up to his campaign promises he also added that  Kenyan’s can not put-up with the burdens.

Lawmakers who accompanied Odinga said on the town walk also promised to face Ruto’s adiminstaration head-to-head.

Odinga also questioned Ruto’s fertilizer subsidy that he claims it was a donation from the Russian government

While blaming Ruto’s administration for making life unbearable for Kenyans, the ODM leader defended former president Uhuru Kenyatta on fuel and common household goods subsidies. He asked the bunge la mwananchi members to be vigilant of and defend the gains the country has managed even though their win was stolen

By Marion Wafula


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