Huge boost as Kakamega ECDE teachers set to pocket lucrative pay.

The county government of Kakamega has set aside sh. 59.1 m  as the expense funds  to service and improve the education in the area distinctly for the  early childhood education .ECDE. the funds set aside would  facilitate the employment of ECDE teachers among other related activities.     Kakamega deputy governor Ayub  Savula says that the government’s act of setting aside these money is to make sure no child  fails  to attend school due to lack of school fees. 

Savula says that the former Kakamega governor Wycliff Oparanya failed to permanently employ the ECDE teachers. he says the government have set a side sh. 455m to guarantee for the  ECDE  teachers permanent employment and  pensionable basis.   
“Mtoto akizaliwa akienda ECDE anasoma bure. mtu asikuulize hata sh. 1 kwa ECD , tumekubaliana hapo?“ 
“Hawa walimu wa ECDE Oparanya hakuwa amewaandika permanent and pensionable.“  Ayub Savula Deputy Governor. 
And on the outbreak of Ebola disease in the neighbouring country  Uganda. Savula says doctors have been employed to take the screening  of people at the malava border before entering the country to ensure the disease is not spread into the country. 
“Kuna ugonjwa hapa kampala hapa uganda na kutoka hapa ukienda malaba ama busia border kutoka hapo kwenda kampala ni 2hrs. Iko ugonjwa inaitwa Ebola. tumeweka madaktari wetu  kwa borders wako tayari  na screening iko kwa sababu kakamega kaunti inaborder busia na inaborder bungoma kaunti. kaunti ziko karibu na border tunataka tuchunge watu wetu“ Ayub Savula Deputy Governor Kakamega. 
The county government of Kakamega has put in place certain directives to ensure the ECDE education  is given the first priority hence enabling the needy children to acquire the  education as those children from  rich  families who could not find difficulty in paying for their education.
Kakamega county would not tolerate children not attending school as the county is sure no excuse would be raised as to why  a child is not in school since their  fees will be paid by the government.   
The county is ensuring the ECDE teachers are permanently employed and well paid  for them to find it easy to deal with the ECDE childen.
By Juliet Wekesa


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