CORRUPTION: EACC savages Siaya County offices recovers three title deeds.


The ethics and anti corruption commission raided homes and offices of Siaya county officers and recovered title deeds and ownership documents of properties claimed to be illegally acquired . They are also investigating 3 cases of alleged embezzlement of hundred of millions transacted unprocedurally during the transition period.

The incoming siaya county governor James Orengo has appointed the former auditor general Edward Ouko to undertake the counties financial and human resources system audit as he has suspended all procurement and payment of pending bills until the completion of the auditing process in 60 addition to that he has also sent a section of workers on a mandatory leave as the cleanup exercise is ongoing.

“I appeal to the people of the county of siaya and the county government to bear with us in this temporary leave and unavoided situation .we ask them to stand firm with us in fighting against misappropriation and misuse of public funds “said James Orengo EACC has issued a statement that it has successfully searched all targeted places and seized crucial documents, electronics and relevant materials that will assist in the ongoing investigation and the commission is analyzing the evidentiary materials.

“We successfully searched all the targeted places and seized a variety of crucial documentary, electronic and other relevant materials that will assist the ongoing investigations and we are analyzing the evidentiary material to determine the culpable persons and possible recovery” according to EACC.

The commission is probing 3 cases of fraud and corruption after the new governor lifted the lead on 400 million shillings transacted unprocedurally during the transition process in the august 2022 elections. The first case is investigating allegations of abuse of office and fraud accusations of public funds amounting to 400 million shillings .it is alleged that the county officials illegally withdrew 400 million shillings within 12 days of the august elections .

In the second case, investigations of allegations of abuse of office and fraud of funds meant for the installation of ICU unit at Siaya referral hospital amounting to 72 million is ongoing. It is alleged that funds were disbursed during the opening of the ICU unit but no equipment was purchased but instead ventilators donated by Kijabe hospitals were installed

The third case involves an alleged loss of 400 million shillings that was meant for the construction of ultra-modern Siaya county stadium. It is alleged that after the construction work was awarded to the contractor the former governor redesigned the stadium and varied with the initial cost that led to loss of public funds.

By Emmaculate Wamalwa


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