A man kills his wife over remarrying disagreement.


Shipalo area Malava constituency Kakamega county, a woman was allegedly killed by his husband sunday morning. Faith Nanzala, a mother of 2 was killed after an argument with his husband over the decision of the man marrying another woman. Neighbors narrated the incident saying the deceased was having several disagreements and arguments with the accused murderer.

“I stood outside the fence and watched what was going on, he was beating her then the mother-in-law to the deceased insulted the deceased while her son was beating up her wife,”Jackline paul, the neighbor to the two narrated what had happened that Day.

“The marriage has been of disputes mostly. They have been fighting severally, disagreeing in many issues in the house. I have come here many times to give them some advices concerning their misunderstandings,” Patrick Mukangai, neighbor to the deceased said.

Residents at the area said it is time for married couples to agree with their misunderstandings. They said they can get assistance from elders on how to solve family disputes among themselves by not necessarily solving them in a violent disputes.

“For a husband and a wife, it’s not necessary to fight when having a misunderstanding. Look for assistant advices from church leaders, assistant chiefs so that we don’t reach in such a situation of one killing someone,” Wyclife Mulongo, a resident at Shipalo area gave educated the young couples.

The inlaws to the family disagreed on the earlier claims that the deceased had committed suicide. They need justice to be served because they believe the couple have been having arguments and Jonathan Shikulu who is the suspected murdered killed her wife.

The body of the deceased was moved to Webuye mortuary where the suspect is detained at Malava police station to help the police with the conduction of investigations. The residents in Shipalo area are urging the police to finish with the investigations soon enough so that if the suspect is found guilty, he get punished for the crime he committed.

Domestic violence have been experienced in the county for long. Many incidences have been reported with women being affected greatly. It is high time for the stakeholders to look into the matter to avoid domestic violence. The government should not close eyes concerning the problem too, it should put strategies to curb

Domestic violence. married couples should also seek guidance from people who are experts in dealing with matters concerning family disputes. There are many people who have knowledge in matters with relationships. They help a lot of couples who go to look for advices from them. Everyone should participate in making sure there is domestic violence are avoid in every way possible. Neighbors living near family members having domestic violence should be their keeper in ensuring that they live in peace and harmony. They should not ignore such incidences because they lead to lose of lives. Domestic violence is being experienced every day in different families. We should jointly say no to domestic violence because it brings avoidable disasters.

Story by James Chacha


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