Atwoli urges the president to ban all recruitment agencies amid a woman breastfeeding puppies in Saudi Arabia.


The secretary general of COTU Francis Awoli, Kenyans and all human right groups are now  appealing to the government of  president William Ruto to ban all recruitment agencies in Kenya following the miseries  that Kenyans are undergoing in the middle east. After a video of a Kenyan woman breastfeeding puppies went viral. 

Puppies in Saudi Arabia has alarmed Kenyans online. The lady who apparently travelled to Saudi Arabia weeks ago as an immigrant worker is crying for help after she is exacted by her employer to breastfeed puppies. 

The lady who lately gave birth in Kenya before leaving for Saudi Arabia in search for some cash  and send back home to care for her babies. She is now crying for well wishers and the government to mediate and bring her back to Kenya. She is one among thousand Kenyans who have been crying for  reimbursement. 

“ Kama kuna mwenye anaweza kunisaidia anisaidie mimi hapa nateseka.  Nilitoka kenya naacha mtoto wangu akiwa na miezi miwili nikaja kujitafutia maisha japo nafika huku bosi wangu akaona  ninajaza maziwa. Jibwa lake lilizaa hapa nilipo nina wiki mbili tuu na wiki mbili hizi tayari nimeambiwa kazi yangu ni ni yakunyonyesha mabwa. Jamani nisaidieni nisaidieni nanyonyesha mbwa.“ 

Kenyan lady breastfeeding puppies in Saudi Arabia.  COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli is  enchanting president William Ruto to chip in and ban all Kenyan recruitment agencies proceeding kenyans to work in the middle east countries where they being enslaved.     

“This is indirect slavery. And i want to appeal to our government to go the way the first government of president Mwai Kibaki under Philis Kandi as the minister of labor did. She banned all employment urgencies in Kenya because let this issue of our people or migrant workers of Kenya be a government to government. Let the government of Kenya negotiate with the government of Saudi Arabia on terms and conditions of service.“
cotu sec. Gen. Francis attwoli.
The human rights groups have also requested the  instant redemption of suffering Henyans.   

“we feel action has to be taken now because at this level we will be receiving more in caskets if we don’t take actions now. We have others who are very ill as we speak.“
hussein khalid. Haki africa. 

Kenyans are now urging his excellence william ruto to use his power in leadership and rescue girls suffering in Saudi Arabia back to Kenya. 

They are asking the president to show the effectiveness of the bottom up economy to the suffering souls in Saudi Arabia. Now that the president had promised freedom to Kenyans. The people are now crying for the same freedom to manifest.

By Juliet Wekesa


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