Members of parliament are expecting the speaker of the National Assembly to make his decision on the heated matter in parliament. He is going to address the house on which side of the two political coalitions between Kenya kwanza and Azimio La Umoja is the majority and the minority in the house.

It is a crucial decision, as it is going to set free parliament businesses which are being delayed in the house. This is to give way on the constitution of the house committee to embark to its important roles in the house and other duties to be performed in the house before the normal activities start running in the parliament.
‘Best of the sitting today, to allow the house to address me on this matter so that I can make a reasoned retreat and ruling’, the speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula had spoken previously during a parliamentary sitting.

As the delay of the decision is awaited to be made, yesterday members of the parliament gave their views on president William Ruto’s speech in the bicameral parliament. The members of parliament discussed about health care and agriculture issues that were mentioned by the president in his speech on the parliamentary opening.

‘The speech, madam speaker, the president spoke, to the issue of health care for all, we all know a healthy nation is a wealth nation’, one of the member of parliament said.

‘Agriculture is not meant for profitability, all countries including America, including UK, they subsidise agriculture so as to ensure the citizenry have food on the table,’ another member of parliament added.

After an impromptu visit by president William Ruto to the parliament, members of parliament gave their thoughts concerning the effect of the speaker of the National Assembly in deciding who is the majority and the minority in the house. Since the elections were conducted in the country, there has been arguments and claims by the two political sides saying each they have more members in parliament. Babu Owino, the member of parliament Embakasi East said their political coalition deserve the majority seat in the parliament claiming it has more political parties compared to Kenya Kwanza.

He also said the political coalition is financially stable as this was proven during their conduction of campaigns in the country. He elaborated well by using wisdom words, that their union as a coalition had no misunderstandings or disagreements. They united as one and followed the lead they were given by their leader Raila Odinga. Kenya kwanza on the order side, their members have a strong believe that they are the majority in the parliament. Kimani Ichungwa was elected by Kenya Kwanza coalition party to represent the party as the majority leader in the parliament. He said Kenya Kwanza is a coalition of many political parties with close to 190 members of parliament representing the
coalition claiming it is the majority.

Both political sides are waiting for the ruling of the speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula to decide which political side is the majority and the minority in the house. His decision will be considered if fairness and justice will prevail considering the impromptu visit of president William Ruto to the house yesterday.

By James Chacha


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