“County governments need to be more independent financially,” CRA


County governments have been challenged by the Commission for Revenue Allocation in it’s report that the counties should automate their revenue collection to prevent losses. They said through their Chair, Jane Kiringai that their collection can hit 216 billion from 31 billion

The CRA said that the county governments need to be more independent financially to ensure that the county runs well without depending only on the government money to reach the counties.

“And this is time to awaken the sleeping giant. If there is a number we must take away today is
216 billion shillings against 31 billion shillings. That says a lot.” Jane Kiringai, CRA Chair.

Counties now are tasked to explore 9 more streams of their own source revenue to compliment the existing 6 streams.
According to CRA,
Hospital and Public Health Services fees – Kshs. 32 billion
Trading Licensing – Kshs. 23 billion
Natural Resource Transportation fees – Kshs. 16 billion
Property Rates – Kshs. 14 billion
Parking fees – Kshs. 8.5 billion

“Going forward, counties have the opportunity now to look within to finance both the recurrent
and developmental needs, and particularly the urban counties, they have so much potential…”
She added.

According to Kakamega county governor Fernandes Barasa who is also chair of finance committee to the Council of Governors, the National Assembly and the Senate should work on a legal framework to back up the CRA recommendations.

Amason Kingi, the Senate Speaker also emphasized the issue of the CRA report. He said that in deed the idea can help counties enough revenue.
“OSR must just be the magic bullet we have all along desired in order to give revenue collection and financial management in counties a new lease of life.” He commented.

The Devolution PS Jullius Korir assured Kenyans that the ministry of devolution will be there for them to make sure that the recommendations are effective and implemented. This follows the regime that is dismissing the Ministry and he said that it will be working under the office of the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.
“The reality is that the Ministry of Devolution is going to be around…” He assured Kenyans.

County officials are advised to deploy integrity to serve Kenyans the best. This is to make sure that also Kenyans enjoy the fruits of devolution. This for sure will help counties after the legal backing up by the two houses of Parliament and to confirm if CRA is right.

By Calvin Angatia.


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