Orengo is of no joke, chief officers in Siaya sent on compulsory leave.


Siaya Governor, James Orengo sent all the chief officers and the county secretary on compulsory leave to pave way for an independent audit of the county’s financial transactions and human resource. Orengo further announced a mini reshuffle of the cabinet, adding that all officials who served in the two departments have been deployed elsewhere. Orengo said that the decision to take the measures was necessitated by the situation he found Siaya county finances in.

Barely a month after the Siaya governor James Orengo took an oath of the office the governor has kept the ball rolling. The governor has  sent all county secretary and all chief officers on compulsory leave to pave way for the counties audit.

Those who were working in two departments have been deployed somewhere else Orengo says  that he is not going to dim any action to be in the public interest of siaya. 

He also made a new enterprise in industrial development, richard mungla head of finance and economic planning and Cleophas Obongo will take over finance , Dr. Elizabeth Odhiambo water environment natural resources in climate change.

The governor said he took that action to create an enabling environment and for the county task force to carry its work and also help the anti-corruption to carry its duties without interference.

“In the state of finances of Siaya county both in terms of financial management and physical reporting .we were confronted with what looked like fight embezzlement, wastage of public funds  and lack of prudence in the use of public money but to take immediate effect by paying pending bils,’’ governor James Orengo .

He also shuffled his county cabinet, and gave each a depertment to those who were working in two departments.

“Secondly, I want to assure the people of siaya that me James Orengo i want to give you this assurance, and, people can make all the propaganda and play to the gallery I am not going to leave any action from being taken in the public interest , I want to assure you that Siaya moves forward by making the process of government an enabler towards service delivery instead of its being a hinderance  to service delivery,’’ James Orengo.

He also said those given compulsory leave should be available when needed and those involved in corruption will be fired from their jobs ,he aso assured the people of siaya that he will make Siaya moves in service delivery .The governor also exchanged some cabinet secretaries from their department to other departments.

By Faith Njerwe.


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